“Axion Computers” is a computer retail website that was created in 2004 for our internal PC Sales division, and aspired to be a Dell-type distributor of desktop systems.

The main benefit of these systems over other vendors, was high-performance builds and low-budget builds that both had excellent performance, well-thought-out design and standardization, and came with the customer’s choice of either a proprietary Linux distro (or our own OS long-term), or Windows pre-installed.

To be competitive as a viable Linux OS option, our software division would be refining this custom “distro” constantly to improve the user experience and working towards better and better compatibility with our recommended lines of peripherals.

With this approach, we could sell these units for cheaper to the customer, and make back the overhead of the growing software staff by selling in-house (branded, or manufactured) peripherals, software, and other supporting items, through a tightly orchestrated up-sell process.